Sneeuw op de route

Peter Brandon, een pelgrim uit UK schrijft op 6 mei 2019

Day 5 Via San Francesco: Camaldoli to Santuario della Verna. I thought yesterday was a big day but today turned out to be even bigger😀. Thinking that it was raining all night we were surprised to be greeted by snow this morning. Plus it was mighty cold. After breakfast we walked back to Eremo Camaldoli a religious community which has produced an illustrious array of church leaders since its establishment in the 11th century–four cardinals, countless bishops and many artists, including Guido d’Arezzo, the inventor of modern musical notation. We had decided to not walk the forest trails today as the rain and then the snow would make them quite treacherous. Instead we followed the closed alpine road to Badia. A wise choice given the fact that as we climbed the snow cover was more prevalent plus it was continuing to snow. After about a two hours we reached the highest point of our walking day Prato Allan Penna, 1250 m. From here it was downhill all the way to Badia Prataglia. Lots of snow and ice. At Badia an executive decision was made that we would be leaving things too late in the day to walk to the Santuario della Verna so we decided to take a taxi. This gave us time to explore thi most sacred place in Italy. We were not disappointed as the sun came out and great blobs of snow fell from trees and buildings. Wandering around the Santuario was incredible. Spectacular views and the feeling that one is in a very special place.

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